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Come as a client, leave as a friend. 

That’s our philosophy at Trails End Outfitters.

We invite you to stay in our lakefront, handcrafted log lodge at Tobin Lake.  Your Northern Saskatchewan experience will be professionally guided, whether you are hunting for bear/deer in the (bush), or fishing the waters of Tobin Lake for a monster pike or world renowned walleye.  Everyday you will enjoy several sightings of northern animals and be rewarded with a hunt of a life-time.

Our large, exclusive area includes over 300,000 acres of prime whitetail wilderness. You’ll hunt among a dense expanse of spruce, fir and popular trees that borders agricultural farmland, creating the perfect habitat for giant bucks. The landscape features miles of swampland with very little hunting pressure, which allows our bear and deer to grow big and old.

If you’re looking for solitude and success in the woods or on the water, contact Trails End Outfitters today.